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Most of the classes taught at Inspirit Yoga are Vinyasa classes. Vinyasa meaning, “Flow” or “to move without resistance,” flowing from pose to pose and linking the movement with the breath. These classes are used to build endurance, stamina, strength, and flexibility, while calming the mind.
Slow Flow 
A mindful, therapeutic and relaxing class with a slow flow pattern that allows ample time to enjoy each pose. This class will build strength; increase flexibility and range of motion through slow-focused movements and deep stretching. Also including meditation and relaxation techniques, perfect for stress relief. Over all this is a wonderful practice to get started with if you are new to yoga.
Hot Power Flow
The room temperature is set between 85-90 degrees. Challenges the cardiovascular system by linking the body movement with breath to create a dynamic flow of poses. Enhances detoxification through the breath and sweat. Leave this class feeling physically and mentally stronger, energized, and open to all that may arise. Bring a Towel!
Back to Basics
Getting into yoga can be intimidating so this class is here to get you comfortable with the basics and also aid anyone who wants to strengthen, tone, and increase flexibility. This is a very supportive class helping you to move at your own pace but still be strong. A special emphasis is placed on the power of breathing, moving into and out of postures safely with correct alignment, and learning to quiet the chatter of the mind to find peace and inner stillness. A wonderful class to get started with if your new to yoga or just want to get back to basics.
Warm Detox Flow
Temperature is set in the low 80 degrees allowing the muscles to warm up and help detoxify the body. This is a great alternative to warm the body if your not ready for a completely Hot class. A mindful, therapeutic and relaxing class with a slow flow pattern that allows ample time to enjoy each pose. This class will build strength; increase flexibility and range of motion through slow-focused movements and deep stretching. Also including meditation and relaxation techniques, perfect for stress relief. 
Ashtanga Yoga
Ashtanga Yoga is a 5,000-year old set sequence of postures designed to bring strength, awareness, flexibility and endurance to the body and a sense of wellbeing and stillness to the mind.  Our Ashtanga classes will cover the fundamentals of this yoga and take students through primary series postures, while providing lots of modifications and instruction.  These classes do not require any previous yoga experience and all levels are welcome.  Ashtanga Yoga is a rigorous practice so come ready to sweat, especially during our Hot Ashtanga class which is conducted in an 85-90 degree environment.
Yin Yoga
This is a quiet practice suitable for students of all levels of experience. Students are offered an opportunity to surrender, slow down and come back to balance. Many of the poses are seated, supine or prone and are held with muscles relaxed for 5 minutes or longer. Remaining muscularly passive for periods of time gently stretches dense connective tissue of the lower back, hips and spine, which may otherwise become stiff and less mobile as we age. There is a focus on the breath, being present in the moment, relieving tension and letting go. The Yin practice includes powerful mental and emotional benefits as its practitioner becomes quiet, still and mindful of the present.
Deep Yoga Bliss
This restorative class incorporates gentle movement, best described as a supported, conscious body/mind relaxation practice. When supported with props, the body relaxes and opens, releasing tension and stored-up toxins that can cause illness. Including deep breathing, healing sound with quartz crystal bowls and Yoga Nidra to help you restore peace, balance and vibrancy within the body, heart and mind. 
Kundanlini Yoga
Kundalini Yoga is also known as the Yoga of Awareness; its focus is on self-awareness and delivering an experience of your highest consciousness. Suitable for all levels.
In any class, anywhere in the world, you can expect it to include six major components; tuning-in with the Adi Mantra, pranayam or warm-up, kriya (set of asanas),  gong relaxation, meditation, closing with the blessing song, “May the Long Time Sun.” Tea will be served at the end of the class.
Prenatal Yoga
A safe modified practice that uses props in order to achieve poses without much muscular strength, facilitating a deep connective tissue release and calming of the nervous system. This class is perfect for anyone who wants a deeply restorative practice and excellent for pregnant women to prepare for childbirth!
Kids Yoga
Creative classes designed to stimulate a young child’s growing curiosity. Playful yoga poses, animated breathing exercises and imaginative relaxation techniques. Along with music, crafts, picture books, puppets and other age-appropriate props, we’ll spark the child’s inner yogini while enhancing motor coordination, play skills, and positive thinking.
Meditation (Yoga Nidra)
Built around facilitating deep relaxation and rest. The practice consists of pranayama (breathing exercises), and guided meditation while students recline in a restorative position. Benefits include: releasing of three kinds of tension – muscular, emotional and mental; reduced stress, enhanced memory and learning capacity; awakened creativity; releasing repressed matter and increasing of willpower.
Y12SR (Yoga 12 Step Recovery) 
Y12SR combines the practical tools of the 12-step program with the ancient wisdom of yoga.
Combining the two, creates a model that truly addresses addiction as the physical, mental, and spiritual dis-ease that it is.
Y12SR is a 12-step-based discussion and yoga practice open to anyone and everyone dealing with their own addictive behavior or affected by the addictive behaviors of others.
This is a open and inclusive group.
All A’s are welcome.


We provide professional Manduka PRO mat rentals for a $1 donation.


The Manduka PRO Series is known as the Taj Mahal of yoga mats, the most sustainable mat on the market for 10+ years. They are the thickest densest mats on the market, designed to provide extra cushion for comfort and joint support. The surface texture is a fabric-like finish that is slip resistant even when wet from light perspiration. Made of an eco-certified PVC material and manufactured emissions free, this mat is a durable eco-friendly choice.